Vision & Objectives



To be able to create the necessary awareness, for the need and importance of education and computer literacy of children and youth, for poverty alleviation and nation building. Providing and facilitating this education and ensuring its maximum reach and penetration in the economically and socially backward sections with a special focus on empowerment of women.


1. Contributing towards the Indian government's "Mission IT for all" and providing avenue for children, youth and adults in computer literacy and education. And towards this end

(a)   Providing a conducive and creative environment for children from less privileged backgrounds and design initiatives that can develop their physical, mental and intellectual growth and progress of children, thereby engaging in nation building

(b)   Promoting the importance and relevance of computer literacy and IT education among women and youth and providing avenues for education and training.

(c)   Pemedial education classes for school children, especially on IT related subjects.

(d)   Providing financial and other assistance to the orphaned, helpless, poor and deserving students without any discrimination of caste and creed, thus freeing them from shackles of child labour and discrimination.

2. Enabling and empowering the marginalised youth through market oriented skill training. And undertaking the following steps in that direction

(a)   Pesigning and running skill development centres for youth offering training in modern trade oriented course such as IT, retail, banking, media etc.

(b)  Establishing linkages with various stakeholders to grow and extend this initiative to maximum beneficiaries

 3. Poverty alleviation & Empowering young women and adolescent girls by

(a)   Promoting and setting up of Self- help groups thus encouraging saving habits, and financial independence among women.

(b)   Providing avenues for literacy and education for women.

(c)   Training women in market oriented trades that can generate self-employment and wage employment opportunity.

(d)   Making available to people the benefits of the various schemes such as “Sarkari bhagidari” scheme that are run by the government.

(e)   Assisting the youth in availing employability schemes.

(f)   Participating in various schemes towards uplifting socially and economically backward sections of the society.

(g)   Promoting and enabling equal opportunity for those who are differently abled.

4. Good health is a pre requisite for any development. It is a need for everyone and maximizing its reach is a requirement. Following are some steps towards that end

(a)    Providing safe water and sanitation to the needy , thereby reducing incidence of disease among population.

(b)    Organizing medical camps for family health and awareness.

(c)    Creating awareness for protection against life threatening diseases

(d)    Assistance during natural calamities to reduce incidence of epidemics